So how can a locksmith help you?

A good locksmith can help you with pretty much anything lock or security related. What makes us different is that we are all female locksmiths and pride ourselves on delivering a 5 star service in a caring and compassionate way for our customers.

The services we can offer you include, but are not limited to:

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  • Emergency lock outs - those frustrating times when you accidently get locked out of your property for one reason or another

  • Lock changes - often for those who have recently moved house, you will probably want new locks fitted to ensure you are safe and can monitor who has access to the property

  • Lock or door adjustments - normally caused by old or 'sticky' locks which need a bit of TLC or quite possibly need replacing before they give up altogether

  • Removal of old locks - remember that lock on the old shed door you kept meaning to get sorted? We can help with that.

  • Security assessment and/or upgrade - a review of your current locks and surrounding security to ensure you have the best possible safety for you and your family

Whatever it is, we are happy to help and pride ourselves on our ability to offer a responsive service at an exceptionally reasonable price. Our clients safety is our number one priority and we go above and beyond to ensure you are happy.

Want to know more about how we can help you? Then get in touch...